Tim Demco


Technology/Media Specialist

651-768-3000 ext. 3053

Mr. Demco joined St. Ambrose in 2000 as our Technology and Media Specialist as well as our Athletic Director. Prior to joining SAW, he had the pleasure of teaching junior high English, literature, math, social studies, and computers and science at various schools in the Twin City Metro area since his career began in 1992. In addition, Mr.Demco held various coaching positions in a number of sports including high school football, baseball, volleyball, and softball. He keeps his officiating skills sharp by refereeing in the Minnesota State High School League, the Catholic Athletic Association, the cities of St. Paul and West St. Paul. Mr. Demco earned a B.A. from Winona State University and a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning from Saint Mary’s University.

His love of sports initially motivated Mr. Demco to become a teacher. Fueled by the desire to teach English and to coach, Mr. Demco pursued his career in education uncovering a new passion, technology. Mr. Demco feels blessed to have a role in the Saint Ambrose community that combines his love of teaching and interest in technology.

Mr. Demco recognizes students want to learn and be successful. When students spend time in a classroom or on the field with Mr. Demco, his goal is to instill them with the skills and habits each day that lead to learning, success, and independence. His favorite lesson to teach is Microsoft PowerPoint computer software. Something wonderful happens in his classroom when students help develop each other’s skills. This interaction and enthusiasm between students ignites the curriculum. Students gain momentum while transferring the knowledge of this software program to the ensuing lessons. Mr. Demco creates an environment of productivity and consideration of others in the computer lab and the library.

“While kids may like different things, have different experiences and have various talents, they share the desire to one day be independent and self sufficient. Our role is to nurture them toward their adulthood and self sufficiency by modeling mature work habits, fostering mutual respect, practicing our faith, and developing the academic skills they will need for high school and beyond. I like being at Saint Ambrose, a Catholic school in a strong community with good people. I really feel like I belong here as a valued and trusted member of the Saint Ambrose family.” – Tim Demco

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