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Saint Ambrose of Woodbury School has an active parent group called the Home and School Association (HandS). Home and School is instrumental in supporting the mission and philosophy of Saint Ambrose of Woodbury School. Home and School has an elected Board that meets monthly to plan and coordinate events at school. However, every Saint Ambrose of Woodbury School parent is a member of the Home and School Association and is encouraged to be as involved in the organization as they are able.

The Saint Ambrose of Woodbury Home and School Association has four primary functions:

  1. Volunteers – Home and School coordinates many of the volunteer efforts in the school. Parent volunteers are not only welcome, but encouraged at Saint Ambrose. Click here to learn more about many of the volunteer opportunities offered by the Home and School.
  2. Communication – The Home and School Board works to facilitate strong communication between the school and parents. The monthly Connections newsletter is an excellent example of this effort.
  3. Social Events – Home and School sponsors a number of social events during the school year. These events provide opportunities for parents, students, teachers and staff to gather as a community to talk, socialize and have fun.
  4. Fundraising – Home and School raises funds in a variety of ways, from Box Tops for Education to a Fall marathon the first Saturday in October. The funds raised by the Home and School directly support the educational program of the school and fund the operation of the Association itself. In recent years the Home and School has helped provide classroom SmartBoards, additional resources for our library, purchased computers for our lab and much more.

The Home and School Board welcomes parent input and your support. If you have questions about how you might get involved with the Home and School Association contact the school office.

Current Board Members

President – Jason Meyer
Vice President – Kelly Danielson
Communications Coordinator – Alana Hustings
Fundraising Coordinator – Susan Sosa
Secretary – Ann Haag
Treasurer – Juan Figueroa
Volunteer Coordinator – Susannah Prochazka

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