The Saint Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic School science curriculum enhances our students’ natural curiosity of the world around them, by providing a challenging and stimulating environment that promotes understanding through observation and experimentation. The curriculum encompasses the formal disciplines of science (chemistry, botany, astronomy, zoology, physics, etc.). We emphasize the importance of basic scientific principles, technology in our society and responsible Christian stewardship of our planet Earth.

Grades K-5 Science

Our K-5 text is the McMillan Company’s 2008 Science a Closer Look. This series supports our goals of differentiated instruction, contains solid technology enhancements, and places an emphasis on learning the scientific method for labs instead of simply activities. In each grade level, students will be exposed to lessons in life, physical and earth science. Additionally, students will study the nature of science, that is, understanding what scientists do, and how scientific concepts are applied in the world around them.

Grades 6-8 Science

In junior high, the McGraw Hill 2012 Science text is used. This is a series of three junior high books, each with a specific emphasis. Sixth-grade students will spend the year studying physical science, seventh-graders will study life science, and eighth-graders will study earth science. This series has excellent technology, and gives the opportunity for students to perform laboratory experiments in our state-of-the-art science lab.

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