Spirit Wear

We're excited to offer Spirit Wear for Saint Ambrose this year.  Check our smore newsletter for a link to the website.


Clothing orders can be done during specific windows of time. 

Site Open              Site Closes              Delivery Date
7/10/23                  7/30/23                     8/24/23 (Back to School night)
8/24/23                  9/3/23                       9/21/23
11/12/23                11/26/23                  12/18/23
1/29/23                  2/4/23                       2/23/24 (Catholic Schools Week 20% discount)

Saint Ambrose has moved to Under Armour uniform approved sweatshirts this year. The clothing purchased in the past will always be part of the uniform, but now you can add to your collection.

Our traditional blue sweatshirt will still be offered for students from K-8. We have added a new option performance weight hoodie and performance weight zip for our Jr. High students (6-8) to wear as part of our uniform.

Team Spirit Wear

Saint Ambrose has added new optional team wear that you can purchase. These are not part of our school day to day uniform but can be worn for any of our athletic teams. The same warm-up gear is offered for all teams so if you buy it for volleyball or soccer in the fall you could also use it for basketball or for track and field.

Items delivered to your house.

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