Social Studies

Social Studies

The Saint Ambrose of Woodbury Catholic School social studies curriculum teaches students to discover and develop their roles as Christian individuals who are members of a family, as well as active, reflective participants in a local, national and global community at it: provides students with a thorough working knowledge of world cultures and geography; prepares students for the complexities of the 21st Century by providing a solid foundation in the major historical periods and events that precede it; the curriculum strives to make meaningful connections between past and present; strives to connect the content to moral development, social justice and opportunities for service.

Elementary Textbooks

Currently, K-5 grades use Pearson My World series (2016). Some of the identified strengths of this particular series include: objectively, well written, challenging texts; a global and multicultural perspective; moral development, social justice and opportunities for service; excellent layout & graphic materials; well produced, attractive, practical teacher support materials; integration of technology including a web site with free support for teachers, students and parents. The web site also includes prescreened links, latest research, current events and virtual field trips.

Jr. High Textbooks

The Social Studies Curriculum Committee selected three books from Pearson for junior high students. Beginning in the 6th grade students will conduct a study of very basic geography as well as a more in depth study of the Ancient World (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Middle East, Greece, Rome, China, India, Middle America) through the Middle Ages using My World History: Early Ages copyright Pearson Education, Inc. (2012) . Seventh grade students will complete an in-depth study of world geography including social, physical and cultural geography using My World Geography Pearson Prentice Hall – copyright 2011. Finally, eighth grade students will complete a study of American History (post American Revolution). Students will use the book American History Pearson Prentice Hall – copyright 2011.

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