Kris Woolsey


8th Grade English & Literature

651-768-3000 ext. 3089

After teaching 7th and 8th grade English for five years in southern Minnesota, Kris Woolsey came to St. Ambrose in 2001. She has a B.S. in Secondary Education and English and a Master of Science in Education and English, both from the University of Wisconsin River Falls. 

Mrs. Woolsey’s classroom is a place where students are taught the structure of English so they have a firm foundation that allows them to best communicate their creativity and express ideas. She directs and guides the students, but also works to foster an independent learning environment where students can work individually and cooperatively. Mrs. Woolsey enjoys seeing students make important discoveries about themselves and their abilities through the projects they work on in class. 

Reading and writing have always been something Mrs. Woolsey has enjoyed and were the reason she initially wanted to go into teaching. She continues to enjoy teaching because she has found the energy and creativity of her students to be so rewarding. Teaching at a Catholic school helps Mrs. Woolsey to not only share her faith, but continue to grow in her faith. She finds St. Ambrose is a community that fosters the ability of students and teachers to see God in the people and world around them. 

“Jr. High students have shown me how people of any age can make a difference in the world. I have seen students work toward a common goal to serve others and rise to the challenge with faith and spirit as the driving force behind their work – this is inspiring to people of all ages.” – Kris Woolsey

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