Josie Bertsch


Grades 5-8 Band Teacher

651-768-3000 ext. 3063

Influenced by her experience with great band teachers, the joy of sharing her own musical gifts, and her love of children, Josie Bertsch developed a career teaching music. Mrs. Bertsch earned her B.M. in music education from South Dakota State University and complemented that with graduate credit in Saxophone Performance from the University of Colorado. Mrs. Bertsch began her teaching career in 1995 as a band teacher in New Ulm Minnesota, Chamberlain South Dakota, and Eau Claire Wisconsin. Joining St. Ambrose in 2007, Mrs. Bertsch likes teaching in a Catholic School because the classroom can openly celebrate and praise God, speak about Catholic faith, and pray together. She also values the wonderful people at St. Ambrose: students, parents, and faculty!

Mrs. Bertsch strives to create a safe, comfortable, and positive environment where students may pursue musical excellence through practice and self discipline. Though bands play together as a team, Mrs. Bertsch encourages each student as an individual musician as well. Whether a student is performing as part of the band or solo, Mrs. Bertsch wants the students to give the music their best effort, never give up, and ensures practice will yield improvements.

In her spare time, Mrs Bertsch enjoys swimming, tennis, pets, movies and music. She attends music concerts from all genres and performances by all types of performers which enhances her knowledge and experiences when teaching students. As a musical performer herself, she is better able to coach her students through the performance experience. 

“Working with grades 5-8 St. Ambrose of Woodbury Band students is the best job in the world! It’s challenging, entertaining, and always fulfilling!” – Josie Bertsch

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