John Heron

John Heron

Second Grade

651-768-3000 ext. 3043

Mr. Heron just graduated from the University of Minnesota with his Masters in Elementary Education. Before getting his Master’s, he attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where he studied History, getting a B.S. degree in Broadfield Social Studies. He completed his student teaching at Woodbury Elementary and at Achieve Language Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. He also worked as a math corps member online during the pandemic and a reading corps member while getting his master’s degree.

Mr. Heron is inspired to teach the next generation of students who will one day run the world. His goal is to teach them so that students will work hard and make changes that benefit all.

Mr. Heron grew up catholic and went to Saint Ambrose to complete his first communion and reconciliation. He is excited to teach at Saint Ambrose and guide these students through this great accomplishment. 

Mr. Heron wants all students to succeed in his class, but more importantly, he wants his students to grow as a human. At the end of the year, the goal is to have each student feel like they have strengthened their character and know they can do great things in the future. 

Outside of teaching, Mr. Heron loves going up to his family cabin and spending the day out on the water with his family and dogs. During the school year, Mr. Heron often participates in live theater, where he has learned the many skills that translate over to his job of teaching, from waiting to creating something out of nothing. In the summer, Mr. Heron is with his family, working at county fairs in Minnesota and Wisconsin, selling Fresh Fries. 

Favorite Quote. “Just keep swimming” – Dory (Finding Nemo)

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