Emily Anderson


First Grade

651-768-3000 ext. 3046

Emily Anderson studied at the University of Saint Thomas, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Family Studies. 

Mrs. Anderson knew she wanted to become a teacher while she was in college because she loved working with children. She strives to create an environment of respect, safety and honesty in her classroom and wants students to feel comfortable at school and accepted. She believes that when students feel comfortable, trusted and respected- they are in an environment that will help them learn. 

Mrs. Anderson is blessed to be a member of the Saint Ambrose School community and feels the students, staff and parents are the best part of being a Catholic educator. She loves sharing a common faith and belief system with the students in her classroom. When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Anderson loves to be outside: paddling, hiking, biking and camping. She has spent many years volunteering at “Celebrate Me Week”- a camp for 7th graders that gives students tools to recognize self-worth, uncover or form their values and combat peer pressure. She is passionate about bringing these ideas into her classroom. 

“What I have learned from working with students is that they really do remember how they are treated and the environment that a teacher creates and the students contribute to in the classroom. They are so impressionable, and if I can cultivate a love for learning at an early age, that will affect their attitude towards school as they grow older.” – Emily Anderson

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