Bridget Hrabe


Fifth Grade

651-768-3000 ext. 3079

Teaching fifth grade at Saint Ambrose of Woodbury is both a privilege and a blessing. Mrs. Hrabe has been a part of the SAW community for many years and is delighted to be back in the fifth grade classroom teaching full time. Mrs. Hrabe has a degree in Elementary Education from the College of St. Benedict and a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning from Saint Mary’s University. 

Teaching the whole child is something Mrs. Hrabe strives for in her classroom. She believes every child is a special individual who needs a secure, welcoming and stimulating atmosphere where he or she can grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. As a teacher, she feels the need to provide an opportunity for continual learning and growth and teach students a love for learning. A lifelong student of catholic schools, Mrs. Hrabe is passionate about the opportunity to teach more than content. She sees teaching as an opportunity to identify and develop a spiritual self through community, worship and prayer. 

Having teachers who made her feel that anything was possible if she worked hard enough is what made Mrs. Hrabe who she is today. She has a strong desire to pass this idea on to her students. Through hands-on activities students learn by doing. She enjoys running as it keeps her brain clear and stress level down. She strives to teach her students that although a project or problem may be difficult if they continue to push and fight for the ultimate goal, the reward is sweet. 

“Dream…say yes to all possibilities.” – Bridget Hrabe

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