Saint Ambrose is committed to providing a safe environment in all that we do. We follow the Policies & Procedures set forth by the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis. Below you will find important information about the requirements for volunteers who have access to youth and/or vulnerable adults, as well as, all employees:

Essential 3

All adult volunteers who have contact with youth and/or vulnerable adults, as well as all employees, are subject to the following Essential 3 requirements:

Requirement #1 – Background Check

All employees and adult volunteers must complete a background check. The background check is run by an archdiocesan approved agency and provides a criminal history. This is an important step to screen out individuals who might present a danger to children and youth.

Requirement #2 – Virtus Protecting God’s Children Training Session

All employees and adult volunteers are required to attend the 3-hour Virtus training session, which is intended to better equip adults to protect children and youth in the world around them. Virtus sessions are offered throughout year and at various locations across the archdiocese.

Requirement #3 – Code of Conduct

All employees and adult volunteers must acknowledge that they understand and agree to the principles and standards outlined in the code of conduct appropriate to his or her ministry.

For information on how to complete the Essential 3 please see:


Once the Essential 3 requirements have been met, employees and volunteers are certified for a period of 3 years. Online re-credentialing is required 3 years after the Essential 3 is completed.

For information on how to complete Re-credentialing please see:

Youth Volunteers

Youth under the age of 18 who are employed by Saint Ambrose or are volunteering with children and/or vulnerable adults are subject requirements as well. Please see the:

Important Contacts

For more information please contact:

Saint Ambrose Safe Environment Coordinator
LeAnn Bauer-Staiger


For victim assistance please contact
Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Hotline
Janell Rasmussen


VIRTUS Account Registration Guide

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